[Bonus] Win a full set of 3L from Orage! -Free skier

2021-11-24 02:11:05 By : Mr. Kevin Guo

Orage is committed to keeping you warm, dry and comfortable, and this will never change. However, its innovative view of style continues to evolve with the passing of each season. Orage is able to foresee the latest and greatest adaptations their products can offer, which allows them to always be the market leader and define the latest trends in clothing. Join them, blur the line between fashion and function, and stand out in this week's clothing giveaway.

The 3-layer Dermizax(R) shell fabric of Spire Jacket makes it one of the most reliable waterproof jackets in 2021. Spire has conducted field tests in remote areas of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, providing ergonomically designed jackets to keep you warm and dry during the days when you need to take a rainy cable car in low altitude areas to reach the top of the mountain with fresh snow .

The Gibson bib will return in 2021. It is one of the strongest and strongest outdoor bibs ever created for skiers. Dermizax's 3-layer softshell fabric and articulated fit design create a bib focused on remote areas that can withstand the deepest powder while keeping you dry. For serious skiers, the Gibson bib is a smart move.

This stylish new silhouette by MTN-X Torngat 3L Shell emphasizes our commitment to style and protection. An asymmetrical front pocket can store all your daily necessities for a day on the mountain, while the rainbow-colored highlights are hidden under the sealed zipper. The side zipper allows you to slide it easily and also serves as a ventilation when you need to quickly discharge excess heat. This jacket looks stylish on slopes, or is ready to go on an adventure in the wild, this jacket can protect you in any situation.

For expeditions that may take you beyond the boundaries of the resort, Cliff Bib aims to provide quality climate control and protection. These ski pants are made of our 3-layer Dermizax softshell fabric and have ski-ready features, no matter what Mother Nature has in the store, you can buy them.

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