Arc’teryx vs. Helly Hansen snow pants: Which brand is best for you?

2022-06-04 01:57:52 By : Ms. Angel Tan

Arcteryx vs Helly Hanson Ski/Snowboard Pants

Whether you like to ski, snowboard, hike or snowmobile, most winter sports enthusiasts can agree on the importance of staying warm and dry when outdoors. Not only does staying warm and dry keep you comfortable, it also keeps you safe from things like frostbite. A pair of high quality snow pants is an integral aspect of most winter sports outfits because they protect your legs from the elements. Helly Hansen and Arc’teryx are two of the biggest players in the winter apparel industry, and both companies make snow pants that are likely to exceed expectations. However, discerning the differences between Helly Hansen and Arc’teryx, let alone finding the right pair of snow pants amongst dozens of options, can be a real challenge. 

Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen has been a pioneer in the cold-weather gear industry for more than a century and a half. Although it started out as a manufacturer of waterproof clothing for sailors, the company’s leadership has expanded their expertise to include outdoor apparel for a variety of activities and almost all environments. Helly Hansen has earned itself a cult following in the skiing and snowboarding communities because of the value for money they provide and the tangible superiority of their waterproof technology. In addition to their unique waterproof fabric, Helly Tech, Helly Hansen has a number of special-designed in-house products, such as Lifa insulation. 

Helly Hansen Ridge Infinity Snow Pants

Quick take: If you’re looking for a pair of backcountry snow pants that can handle intense conditions and offer premium features at a comparatively affordable price, look no further than the Ridge Infinity snow pants. 

What you’ll love: These snow pants are designed to handle the formidable environment of the backcountry. Not only do they include an enhanced, chemical-free coating that increases waterproofing as well as tear resistance, these pants are also equipped with reinforced patches in high-use areas such as the hem and knees. In addition to durability features, these pants are articulated in both the seat and the knee, which allows them to maximize mobility and to be used for hiking as well as skiing and snowboarding. To top it all off, you can get these pants with or without a chest bib. 

What you should consider: These snow pants don’t include any insulation, which means that you’ll have to wear additional base layers to brave colder weather. 

Helly Hansen Legendary Insulated Snow Pants

Quick Take: These pants offer high quality materials and premium features without breaking the bank, making them an ideal choice for the occasional rider that’s looking to increase their time on the slopes. 

What you’ll love: These snow pants provide a significant amount of warmth without sacrificing a flattering, modern fit thanks to the lightweight, patented LifaLoft insulation Helly Hansen invented. The Legendary Pants are also quite comfortable and include often overlooked but convenient features such as an adjustable waistband and a wide belt loop. To top it all, these snow pants don’t skimp on premium features such as fully taped seams and strategically placed vents that increase breathability. 

What you should consider: The Legendary snow pants from Helly Hansen only include three pockets, which limits their practicality. 

Founded in 1989 with the goal of providing high performance and reliable outdoor gear, Arc’teryx has built its reputation on providing top-tier apparel. Each Arc’teryx product is rigorously tested in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, where the company was founded. Because Arc’teryx has its roots in mountaineering, their snow gear is known for its rugged construction. Arc’teryx was one of the first adopters of gore-tex technology, and their snow pants repel wind, snow and water while retaining full mobility. 

Arc'teryx Sabre AR Snow Pants

Quick take: If you hit the backcountry or advanced slopes on a regular basis, these pants have the premium features and performance you need. 

What you’ll love: Although these pants were designed for the backcountry, they’re one of the most versatile pairs in Arc’teryx’s lineup. For example, in addition to articulated zones, these pants include strategically placed sections of stretch fabric that allow for maximum mobility in all directions. In fact, the mobility is so good that you can use these pants for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in addition to downhill skiing and hiking. The exterior of the Sabre AR pants is made from durable, waterproof 3L gore-tex that is sure to keep your legs dry and warm. 

What you should consider: These pants are quite expensive and don’t include all of the features, such as integrated RECCO reflectors, that similarly priced pants usually have. 

Quick take: As Arc’teryx’s flagship resort pants, the Macai are comfortable, high performance and especially practical if you already own their sibling product, the Macai jacket. 

What you’ll love: The Macai snow pants are meant to combine the technology and performance of backcountry pants with the comfort and insulation of traditional resort pants. These pants feature a triple layer gore-tex shell and 80 grams of lightweight, synthetic insulation that doesn’t restrict mobility. The Macai snow pants have a trim, yet roomy fit that has just enough room for a base layer on unusually cold days. To top it all off, the Macai snow pants have a built-in belt and an adjustable waist, which makes them easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. 

What you should consider: These pants are purpose built for skiing and snowboarding in-bounds at a resort, and aren’t meant to be taken into the backcountry or on intense mountaineering expeditions.