Blue Jackets uses the unofficial "goodbye" week to work hard

2021-11-24 02:10:50 By : Ms. Tina Zeng

At the end of the first practice of the week, Blue Jackets lined up at the end of the ice rink at Ice Haus to wait for the game. 

However, this is not the fun game you are talking about. This is a physical training related to the Jackets’ ability to send the puck into the empty net at the other end. Players are divided by position-forwards and defenders-each selected shooter may be a hero, or it may be the reason why the entire team has to skate the circle.  

Come on, you are a hero. Miss it and feel the burn. 

"No, we won't take a breath," coach Brad Larson told reporters, he asked if the five-day break between the two games was an opportunity to relax after the 7-3-0 start. "We have to keep working. (Healing) bumps and bruises, of course, but in practice, we are going to go. We have to push." 

After that workout, the Blue Jackets panted hard and left the ice. They returned to their room with their frozen legs and burning lungs. Ending an hour of training is a hard way, but they have a day off on Sunday and there are three days left, and then this weekend they will play back-to-back home games against the Washington Capitals on Friday and the New York Rangers on Saturday. 

"These days will be used appropriately," Larson said, who once again gave the Jackets a tough training session on Tuesday, and then took another day off on Wednesday. "We won't take a breath and sit down, I can tell you." 

Veteran forward Jakub Voracek received an extra day on Tuesday due to a "non-COVID disease", but those who were healthy enough to skate were not given a suspended sentence in a strange schedule. 

As part of the league’s global series, the NHL initially hoped that the Jackets could play against the Colorado Avalanche in the past two games-an overtime victory in Denver last Wednesday and a 4-4 victory at the National Arena in Helsinki, Finland on Saturday. -3 wins.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Helsinki match was cancelled. They were also cancelled too late and the league was unable to adjust the schedule, which gave each team a built-in "goodbye" week, they would rather not be so early. 

The Jackets entered the game with a three-game winning streak, and some people may see this as a challenge to stay alive after a week of rest. 

Larson would not go that way. 

"There is no challenge at all," he said. "No matter what is in front of us, this is what you have to deal with. That's it." 

In the first 10 games of Blue Jackets, all four goals of rookie Cole Sillinger were obtained through precise and fast redirects. They demonstrated impressive hand-eye coordination, but the 18-year-old rookie center hopes to score more frequently with impressive wrist shots and a timer.  

It may only be a matter of time. Once he solves the problem, it may lead to a series of goals. According to data, Hillinger leads the team in average strength scoring opportunities (29), and his personal expected goals (2.58) are second only to Oliver Bjork Strand (2.74). 

"I think I'm creating some opportunities every night, and I'm passing the ball to the net," said Silinger, who is now centered on the top line. "It's just a matter of defeating a goalkeeper. Obviously, this is the best league in the world. It's harder to defeat a goalkeeper, but it's a learning curve. Keep going, the more opportunities I get, I hope I can find a way to beat the goalkeeper. ." 

Boone Jenner is doing what he usually does for the blue jacket, creating a bushel of scoring opportunities.  

Jenner tied for second place with Bjorkstrand, each with 10 personal high-crisis meetings. He leads the team in scoring opportunities (8) and high-crisis meetings (7). Jenner's six goals also led the team. 

"It seems simple, just go online," coach Brad Larson said. "But it's more than just standing there. You have to be strong. There are many things to happen. So, it's nice to see him get rewarded for going to difficult areas." 

Blue Jackets guard prospect Corson Ceulemans is daily at the University of Wisconsin. He left the game with a clear head injury in Saturday's 4-1 loss to the University of Minnesota. 

Early in the second quarter, Gophers defender Matt Staudacher slammed his shoulder into Ceulemans' head and completed the shot by binding the Badgers freshman to the backboard. Ceulemans hit the railing with the back of his head and he fell on the ice.  

Staudacher was a junior who was unsuccessful and was sentenced to heavy fines and expelled from the field. On Monday, he was suspended for one game by the Big Ten, and on Friday he will face Ohio State University.  

Salmans is the 25th overall pick in the Blue Jackets draft this year, and the third overall pick among the three first-round draft picks. He scored 1 goal, 4 assists and 5 points in 10 games, tying the team's top scoring list. 

The 19-year-old defensive player Samuel Knazko will end his junior season with the Seattle Thunderbirds in the Western Hockey League. 

The Blue Jackets selected Knazko from Finland's TPS in 2020 (third round). The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Slovak defender is playing his fourth season for the U20 team of TPS and only participated in one game in the men's professional division (Rig). 

The team and players agreed to terminate his contract and allow Knazko to join the Thunderbirds-the Thunderbirds won him by taking him away in the first round of the 2020 CHL important draft (21st overall pick) Primary rights.  

A few months later, the Blue Jackets selected him. While in Finland, Knazko scored 18 goals, 56 assists and 74 points in 135 games at the U20 level.