Jake Vorcek, Cole Sillinger, Yegor Chinakhov match the jackets well

2021-11-24 02:10:44 By : Mr. Jeff Xie

Buffalo, New York-If you add up their ages, Cole Sillinger and Yegor Chinakhov will only be 6 years older than Jakub Voracek. 

This is a way to observe the three blue jacket forwards playing together when Patrick Klein (diagonal pull) is absent. Hillinger is the youngest player in the NHL at 18 years old, Chichnerhof will not turn 21 years old until February, and Volacek is 32 years old-close to the 1000th game in his 14th season. 

It seems far-fetched to expect the success of this combination, but it is not for coach Brad Larson. He has moved Silinger to Volachek’s line and later moved Chichenaho after Ryan’s injury in early November. The husband was selected as Ryan's left-wing substitute. 

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"You think about a lot of things, but you will get some opinions from other coaches, we will discuss it, and that's what we came up with," Larsen said. He hopes to build up Xilinger and Chinerhof in training. Between the chemical reaction camp and the Traverse City Outlook Championship. "If there is, it is in your mind. If there is an injury, they are happy to play together, and they play well together, so it’s not surprising. There are two young people (in the same article). Online). I understand, but they seem to be playing well together. So, as long as you can hold on." 

Monday's game against the Buffalo Sabres is the seventh game of the trio, which means their sample size is increasing. The schedule is now packed with games. Ryan is griefing the death of his father Harry on Friday, but is less than three weeks away from the expected four to six week recovery period. Therefore, there should be many opportunities for them to become a group in the future. 

So far, Voracek has been enjoying it. He led the team into the week with 14 assists and ended a 7-game winning streak in a 3-2 loss to the Jackets in Las Vegas on Saturday.

"This is a big advantage because they are very fast and suitable for my game," he said.  

"When I slow down the game, I know where their speed will be. If you hit them at the right time, they will be very dangerous." 

The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Detroit Red Wings 5-3 in the national arena last week. After falling 3-2 late in the third quarter, Volacek broke through from the Red Wings' blue line and broke the Russian rookie's first NHL goal.   

"For our production line, everything is related to pre-inspection," Voracek said. "If our prediction is good, if we are chasing another team and we have a good timing, fill the fairway well, then you will play a good hockey game. Every game is difficult to do. To, because you obviously will have some difficult times, but you are just trying to stay positive and keep working hard." 

This is not the first time Voracek has shared a line with rookies. 

He also did this with the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2017-18 season, skating with then rookies Nolan Patrick and Oscar Lindblom for a while. Patrick is 19 years old and played center in the NHL after being selected as the second pick in 2017, while Lindblom is a 21-year-old rookie from Sweden. 

"Oscar is a little older, but this is nothing new to me," Volacek said. "It's just trying to find the chemistry between each other and find the best thing for everyone on the line. I just try to give them a little confidence to make them more on ice hockey, and it has worked so far." 

Assistant coach Pascal Vincent hosted the team's morning skating with the help of other staff at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo on Monday. Larson missed skating while dealing with personal affairs, but he is expected to arrive in time to coach the Buffalo Papiers.

It is not clear whether Larson will travel with the team from Las Vegas to Buffalo on Sunday, nor the nature of his personal problems. A team spokesperson told the Express that this has nothing to do with the COVID-19 infection.

It is also unclear whether Larson's absence on Monday is related to his decision not to travel with the team last Tuesday, because Columbus has started three road trips. Larson arrived a day after the team arrived at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

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