A very Irish Christmas gift guide for 2021

2021-11-24 02:19:06 By : Ms. Aileen Zhou

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Meáin Náisiúnta Seirbhíse Poiblí na hÉireann

Every year at RTÉ LifeStyle, we will share a gift guide from all over Ireland to introduce some of the incredible artists, jewelers, designers, writers and entrepreneurs that this country must provide.

It is now more important than ever that we pay special attention to our shopping habits, reduce our carbon footprint, and support those who manage to keep their doors open despite the challenges of COVID-19.

So, as the countdown to Christmas really begins, here is our list of local gift ideas from all over the country.

Rotten Rouge Eibhin Kavanagh, an artist living in Dublin who was a freelance painter during his university studies, said he likes to create works that “encourage sustainability and reuse”. In addition to creating ready-made prints, handbags, and masks, artists can also be commissioned to customize designs for jackets, bags, or any other number of items. The price is between 20-50 Euros.

Beanantees Lana and Ciara are two Donegal girls who are as passionate about fashion as Gaeilge. With the help of language and popular culture, the duo created a series of empowering costumes. With sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, you can choose T-shirts, pullovers or bags for any or all of the wild Irish women in your life. This Yas Banríon (Yas Queen) T-shirt sells for 35 Euros.

Fiadh Woven Designs Fiadh is a textile designer and hand weaver, passionate about traditional methods and modern design. This NCAD graduate lives in Dingle and draws inspiration from her scenic environment to create clothes inspired by nature. Considering sustainability, the designer's spirit is to create beautiful things that endure. The price of her scarf ranges from 33 euros to 145 euros.

Chariot as a clothing brand for wheelchair users, this Irish-owned lifestyle clothing brand takes nature as inspiration and designs all artworks in the beautiful environment of Co. Cork. With sustainability in mind, this ethical brand makes clothes for people who "love life, whether in a wheelchair or not." Regenerate sweatshirts are priced at 45 Euros.

In order to create sustainable, ethical and functional clothing, Liadain Aiken "leaves a happy footprint on our planet", Liadain is continuing her family's craftsmanship with the help of her "wool gang". The designer has been working in West Cork since 2019 and has a knitting team working at homes across the country. The raw materials for these works were purchased with sustainability in mind, and the yarns came from Donegal and Scotland. This Merino Lagren sweater is priced at 260 Euros.

Inspired by the story of his grandmother and the Irish landscape, Éadach, stylist and illustrator Sara O'Neill created a series of limited edition prints in the form of scarves, dresses, pocket squares and kimonos. Éadach features hand-drawn illustrations influenced by dark Irish myths and legends. This Valentine's Day parchment and silk twill scarf is priced at £190.

KDK is a luxury lifestyle brand founded by Irish sisters Dairine and Keira Kennedy. With a background in business and marketing, as well as a strong interest in photography and travel, the duo have jointly created a successful pajamas and accessories series, which are now on shelves in Brown Thomas and Avoca. Dreamer silk cotton pajamas sell for 150 euros.

Magee Magee 1866 is a fifth-generation family business with over 150 years of luxury fabric and apparel design, weaving and tailoring experience in Donegal. The brand uses natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, linen and alpaca to provide a range of women's and men's and home interiors. This Báinín Aran hand-knit pullover is priced at 309 Euros.

Irish Socksciety is crazy from head to toe, this novelty company may just prepare the perfect gift for itself. With the help of artist Shane O'Malley, the company introduced the most Irish socks on the market. From "Bye Bye Bye" and "Best Mom" ​​to custom designs, these socks can guarantee a happy pair of feet for only 9 euros.

My name is Ted Carbery. Born in 1913, I am a saddlemaker from Mountmellick, Co. Laois. Although he has an aneurysm that prevents him from using his right hand, he is the father of 11 children and runs a thriving business to support his family. Today, Ted’s impressive legacy continues to be passed on to his grandson Brendan McEvoy and Brendan’s wife Kasia, who combine fashion and functionality to create luxury goods with smart technology. Their mini door bag (worn recently by Angela Scanlon) sells for 495 Euros.

Dúil Rieleen, an artist from South Africa, now lives with her husband in Clondrohid, Co. Cork, Ireland, where she handmade her polymer clay and mixed medium jewelry. Her manifesto is unique, environmentally friendly and affordable. These golden goddess earrings sell for 32 euros.

Rothlú Rothlú Jewellery is made by Frances McGonigle, an artist living in Ox Mountains, Co. Mayo. McGonigle is surrounded by Neolithic tombs, and she says that she gets infinite inspiration from the texture and tone of the surrounding landscape. She has a series of earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches. This crescent brooch sells for 26 euros.

Ava Jane Jewellery is a home of handmade jewellery designed and made by Irish silversmith Jane Farrell. Ava Jane Jeweller's works are designed to "enhance our spirit and bring joy." These pieces use a mixture of silver, gold, gems and beads to create an eclectic look, suitable for everyday wear. This sunshine necklace sells for 60 euros.

Shock of Gray Sarah Carroll Kelly has been an artist, designer, and musician since she received her degree in sculpture 20 years ago. She also lives in Dublin with her husband, two sons and two cats8 No. Under her Shock of Grey brand, the artist is using unpredictable materials (such as wood, brass, plastic, silicone, and clay) to make handmade, personalized jewelry according to personal circumstances. These Jenny Fan earrings are priced at 45 Euros.

Betty Biddy Betty Biddy, an online clothing and jewelry store founded by Fiona Fitzsimons, has the perfect accessories to gift your mysterious Santa Claus. From earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets, they offer a variety of exquisite gold and silver items at affordable prices. Their birthstone necklace sells for 21 euros.

deBláca Jewellery Irish designer Mairead deBláca has created exquisite gold and silver collections with exquisite and bold styles. Designed, produced and marked in Ireland, every piece of work is bound to make a statement. These silver Night Moon cufflinks are priced at 125 Euros.

Blackbird Blackbird is headquartered in Ennis, Co. Clare, and is a boutique style jewelry store owned by Katie Rogers. The home of modern works from Irish and European designers, you will surely find something wonderful for your special person. These Granada Pearl Drops are handmade in Ireland by One Dame Lane and cost 165 Euros.

Kiki Na Art is an artist born in Dublin, Ciarna Pham, who works under the name of KIKI NA ART and is the creator of some incredibly bright and bold statement works. If you want to make an idol or image into a wearable artwork, please contact her at kikinaart1@gmail.com. So far, her works have featured idols such as Dolly Parton, RuPaul, Ruth Bud Ginsberg and Stevie Nix. Custom necklaces start at 90 euros.

Edge Only was founded by former radio DJ Jenny Huston, this jewelry brand is designed for people who "care about the jeans and sneakers they wear, just like the suits they wear at work." These works are ethical in Ireland, are made of pure gold and silver, and are individually marked in Dublin Castle. The unisex mixed tape pendant is priced at 269 euros.

Brookwood Pottery In 2017, potter Elaine Fallon established a design shop and studio in Santry, Dublin, where she taught ceramics and offered ceramic memberships to those who wanted to create their own works. Her store has more than 20 manufacturers, including textiles, prints, household goods, and jewelry. This pair of recycled silver studs handmade by artist Nicola Moran sells for 28 euros.

Siest is designed and created by Síne Dunne, Siest is a weighted sleep pillow designed to help you sleep better. Lollipop (179 euros) aims to provide a hug for anxious sleepers, while Wishbone (219 euros) provides comfort for those struggling with a pillow on their knees or snoring.

Slique's bride and fashion designer Ro Molloy in Drumcondra designed a series of luxurious gowns, masks and pillowcases under the name of Slique. Dusk Silk eye mask is priced at 17.50 euros.

BEO was founded by Aoibhín Garrihy and Sharon Connellan. BEO is a series of health activities designed to inspire, motivate and encourage self-driving cars. Garrihy and Connellan work with Ireland’s leading health advocates and with brands that share their spirit, striving to meet the needs of modern women. Their Pillow Mist Sleep Enhancing Night Scent sells for 26 Euros.

Kocoono Created by Emer Flannery, a psychologist from Co. Mayo, Kocoono Weighted Blanket is designed to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and support your body and mind. Flannery's products were officially launched in 2018 and are now shipped from its warehouse in Galway to more than 10 countries. A luxury blanket of 5 kg costs 279 Euros.

Vico Robes Vico Robes was born out of the COVID-19 blockade and the country's new love for sea swimming. It is a series of coats that encourage people to go out. With a series of warm robe, poncho towel robe, dry bag and Hi-viz vest, you can experience cold water swimming, walking, hiking and cycling in a comfortable and warm environment. The blue thermal robe sells for 130 euros.

Final Bend was established in 2018 by Emma Coffey-a fifth-grade middle school student at the time-Final Bend is a sports brand that originated from athletics. Today, this Cork-based brand focuses on creating fun fitness clothing, sports bras, accessories and casual wear. Their lilac hat is 9 euros.

Boxable Boxable, founded by two friends, Cate and Laura, is a gift company that aims to help people find happiness in their daily lives. From their "cupán tae" set menu to the "Irish style" set menu, these delicacies are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. The "Spa Day" gift box is priced at 49 euros and is filled with dishes made in Ireland.

A reader of Book Resort Avid and Aisling Finn, who claims to be a chocolate fan, came up with the idea of ​​offering a sweet subscription service in her home in Co. Waterford. Whether you are looking for a one-time gift (from 23 euros) or a monthly subscription (33 euros per month), Book Resort will provide a beautiful new book, a large chocolate bar and a small handmade product. Irish business.

Peachy Lean In August 2017, Sharon Keegan was inspired to create a clothing brand based on physical positivity. She sells "confidence, support and self-esteem" in the form of PeachyLean shapewear at Ballymount's retail store. The leggings are anti-squatting and are available in a variety of sizes, priced at 65 Euros. The best part? They have pockets!

Run angel was founded in 2013 by the husband and wife team David and Ellen Caren. This safety wristband has a 120dB high-pitched sound alarm that will sound when attention is activated in an emergency. The device is paired with a smartphone device via Bluetooth to alert in the event of an emergency at a cost of 101.95 euros.

Gym Coffee, an Irish sportswear brand, was founded by three men with high caffeine content: Niall Horgan, Diarmuid McSweeney and Karl Swaine. Together, they have created a one-stop shop for the fitness guru in your life. The men's green Kairos hoodie gift box from the sustainable collection is priced at 110 euros, including the desert green Kairos hoodie, white, black and blue KeepCup Sector T-shirts and stainless steel water bottles.

Kotanical was founded by Karl Murray, Kotanical was the first company in Ireland to extract oil from natural sources. When other brands imported oil, Dubliners saw the potential of flora closer to home. Not only that, the company will also recycle old essential oil bottles for recycling or reuse. The petanque mixture is cruelty-free, handmade in Dublin, and sells for 22 euros.

Donegal Bog Cotton Donegal Bog Cotton Company is located in Falcarragh and has been focusing on organic handmade cosmetics since 2014. Out of a common interest in local flora, the founders Marian and Patricia invested in sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and vegetarian-friendly ingredients. "Mad About Ya" lip balm is the perfect stocking filler, priced at 3 Euros.

Whipped2Glow is located in Co. Meath. The original mission of Whipped2Glow cosmetics is to find solutions to skin allergies, dryness and unpredictable emergencies. Founded by sisters Masindi and Denga Phiriga, this holistic handmade butter is made from natural ingredients. The price of Original Lemon Essential is between 15 and 55 Euros.

Kennedy & Co As a TV host, stylist, fashion journalist and contestant of Dancing with the Stars, Darren Kennedy has a beautiful skin care line that includes moisturizing gel, beard oil and peat scrub. We recommend a daily moisturizer with SPF 20 at a price of 9.95 euros.

Dublin Herbalists was founded by Claire Brett in 2012. Dublin Herbalist products are made of 100% natural ingredients and are free of animal abuse. The creams and oils are made of floral water, natural butter and active ingredients, while the packaging is made of recyclable materials. The Helping Hand gift box is priced at 35 Euros.

Since SOSU turned from a blogger to a businesswoman in 2012, Suzanne Jackson has been producing various beauty products under her brand SOSU. From false eyelashes and highlighter kits to eye shadow palettes and lip balm, the local product line is sure to provide something for the makeup lovers in your life. This pampering night package is 21 Euros.

Sculpted By Aimee was founded by Aimee Connolly at the age of 23. Sculpted By Aimee grew exponentially in the first few years. As a makeup artist, the Dublin woman has been working hard to create a series of high-quality cosmetics, brushes and skin care products. The "Story of Glowing Skin" gift set is priced at 35 euros (original price 49 euros).

Up Cosmetics Earlier this year, Irish entrepreneurs Pippa and Úna Tynan launched Up Cosmetics to the market. Their collection includes a series of gorgeous face palettes, eye palettes, lip glosses and "Perfect Nude" lipsticks. Their 5 Second Eyes set is priced at 35 Euros.

The name of this perfumer of Cloon Keen comes from the Irish word "cluain caoin", which means "majestic meadow". It is a unique Irish perfumer. The founders Margaret Mangan (Margaret Mangan) and Julian Checkley (Julian Checkley) met during filming in Western Ireland. They said their brand was inspired by Galway, Connemara and the entire Western Ireland. The 100 ml Róisín Dub perfume costs 130 Euros.

Nunaïa Nicola Connolly founded Nunaïa (pronounced noo-nigh-ya) in September 2018. Connolly's products are mainly in direct cooperation with small farmers in the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest. They are manufactured using sustainable agricultural practices, and her packaging is made of biodegradable materials. The Ground and Glow Ritual Set is priced at 125 euros and is designed to nourish, restore and renew.

Amy Cahill, the founder of Oxmantown Skincare, has a background in health and wellness that put her on the journey of creating the skincare brand Oxmantown. All her products are located in Stoneybatter, Dublin, and are handmade in small batches with high-quality, organic and active plant ingredients. A moisturizing cream with rose hips and vitamin E is priced at 28.99 euros

Pestle & Mortar For many years, Sonia Deasy, the mother of five children, has been engaged in portrait photography with her husband. It was during this time that she decided to find a simple skin care method to treat dull skin while she was in close contact with people's pores. Pestle & Mortar quickly became the favorite of Irish beauty lovers, and the business has been booming ever since. Glowing Duo sells for 44 euros.

Charlie Mahon Artist Charlie Mahon is an award-winning ceramist who uses white clay and hand-painted glaze recipes he has developed over the years. Each piece is individually handmade, hand-painted, and fired in his kiln in Co. Cork. This heart-shaped platter and mug sell for 55 Euros.

Copperfish Lighting Company, located in Rathnew, Wicklow, is a family business that uses salvaged and storm-fallen wood to make lamps and lights. Eoin Shanley and his wife Yvonne founded this sustainable company in 2016 to produce completely unique handmade lighting fixtures. The short ballast table lamp sells for 245 Euros.

Lainey Gray Elaine Naughton is an artist and wire sculptor based in Co. Galway. Since 2019, she has worked under the name of Lainey Gray and established the Art in Mind collective with master craftsman Glenn Gibson. Since then, the working mother has developed her skills and created a series of exquisite sculptures. Genealogy works sell for 300 euros.

Slated, a family-owned and operated luxury home furnishing brand, was founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team Ed and Tara Hammond and is headquartered in Dublin. Using the techniques and methods of artisans, each slate is hand-made using heirlooms-a 150-year-old knife handed down from generation to generation. This personalized cheese board sells for between 55 and 67 Euros.

Pixalili is a family-run textile printing and design studio located on the Wild Atlantic Way in the beautiful Donegal, Ireland. Pixalili uses a large digital printer — the team named it Florence — and uses environmentally friendly inks to turn beautiful raw materials into eye-catching prints. This D-Duck & Dog (Lacha & Madra) cushion is priced at 28 Euros.

Grand Grand was founded in 2008 by designer Fergus O'Neill. Grand Grand celebrates everything in Ireland with vintage prints, aprons and mugs. Remember the "white lady" in Dublin? You can see it in showcases everywhere in the inner city, and you can now have your own replica in the form of Christmas tree decorations for only 10 euros.

My Shop...granny like it is a small shop called My Shop...granny likes, located on Upper Abbeygate Street in Galway. The space has the best contemporary art, crafts and design, and is dedicated to celebrating and supporting local talent. They have a gorgeous set of Christmas decorations, from Irish artist and designer Maple Tree Pottery from Co. Wicklow. This Robin Heart Christmas ornament is priced at 13.75 euros.

Irish Design Store This local store was founded in 2008 by two jewelers Clare Grennan and Laura Caffrey, offering traditional and modern handicrafts. Transactions are conducted online and in Dublin’s physical stores, both of which attach great importance to supporting original designs and craftsmanship. This navy herringbone lace made by John Hanly sells for 128 euros.

Sam agus Nessa Many years ago, Sam and Nessa and their cat Dude settled in their home in Kildare, where they founded an award-winning furniture company. Inspired by the Irish dialect and observing the world around them, the two use locally sourced Irish wood to make functional furniture and household items. This flower plant costs 65 euros.

Rachel Dubber Rachel Dubber is a contemporary artist from Galway. This Connemara lady is born with a passion for animals and nature, and has an honours degree in fine arts. Her works of art focus on her favorite creatures, and part of the profits are used to care for animals. The Irish fox apron sells for 38 euros.

Pigeon House is manufactured and packaged in Dublin. These red and white striped candles are inspired by the capital’s iconic Poolbeg chimney. The candles are packaged in a simple silk-screen printed recycled cardboard box, priced at 12.50 euros, and can be found online or at some Irish stockists.

Designist Designist was founded in 2010 by Barbara Nolan and Jennie Flynn. It is a gift and homeware store in the heart of Dublin. Working with manufacturers and suppliers from Ireland and abroad, this small and enthusiastic team focuses on bringing the best products to their customers. This wooden wick candle sells for 37.50 euros.

Ticknock Farm, a brand that focuses on sustainability, believes in the use of sustainable, pure natural oils, free of paraffin, palm oil and dyes. They produce all the goods on the farm in Tipperary and do not use unnecessary packaging. Their candles and soaps are made on a small scale in the farmhouse using traditional methods. Buy a piece of black rose soap for 6 euros.

D8 Candle Co. D8 Candle Co. is located (you guessed it) Dublin 8, founded by Lydia, a lady who loves industrial design, high-quality handmade products and cute smells. These hand-poured candles are made of the highest grade soy wax, and their fragrance is inspired by the time they grew up in Ireland. These cans are refillable, reusable, and can be reused. Ebenezer candles sell for 31 euros.

Soap & More Reham Ghafarji from Syria moved to Ireland in 2017 and founded Soap & More three years later. Committed to providing exquisite handmade products using only natural ingredients, all of his products are free of palm oil and animal cruelty. This holiday cookie Christmas soap is priced at 5.99 Euros.

Jam Art Factory was founded by brothers Mark and John in 2011. Jam Art Factory originated on Patrick Street in the heart of Dublin’s historic Free Zone. A few years later, with the launch of JamArtPrints.com, the second branch of Temple Bar opened. The website aims to provide an online platform for carefully selected Irish designers and artists to display and sell their works. This George print by digital artist Maxi sells for 18 euros.

Hen's Teeth This Dublin 8 space is a shop, gallery and cafe. Since 2015, this cultural hotspot aims to bring smiles to people through art, food and music, and collaborate with artists from Ireland and around the world to create eye-catching original artworks. You can find the printed version of "U Are Alive" by Maser and Aches for 250 Euros.

Jill & Gill illustrator Jill Deering and printmaker Gillian Henderson are the creative combination behind a series of incredible prints and sweaters, starring outstanding women such as Iris Apfel, Anna Wintour, Grace Kelly and Countess Markievicz. Boundless Radical prints created in memory of former Irish President Mary Robinson sell for 200 Euros.

Jando was founded in 2015 by husband and wife Julie and Owen Mc Loughlin. Jando is an award-winning printmaking studio based in Dublin. Combining traditional and modern prints, these pictures will make any wall popular. Baltimore Beacon prints start at 30 euros.

When Nine Arrows traveled in Japan, Irish illustrator Catherine realized how much she missed the Irish language. After returning home, she created a series of prints in the Irish language that she was interested in. You can order her prints and learn some interesting "cupla focail" in the process, or make a request for your favorite Irish phrase. The price of the An Ghealach / The Moon print is 12.50 Euros.

Selkies Selkies is a self-taught artist from Dublin, currently living in Brussels. From big figures in reality shows to ordinary people around her, she is inspired by incredible designs at various prices. You can also commission her to make portraits or customized family Christmas cards. The price of this Cobblestone print is 20 Euros.

MIMI MARTHA Mimi and Martha are a mother-daughter combination with a rich background in music, art, design and culture. Environmentally conscious women bring a series of unique handicrafts and designs to their website to provide support for domestic and foreign artists. This Misneach / Courage from the Three Little Birds Studio in Co. Cavan sells for 10 Euros.

Wild Design With a history of working in the field of ethical fashion, Bronwyn Connolly came up with the idea of ​​creating the Wild Design Collective to support large-scale small businesses. In 2017, she put this idea into action and called on Irish designers to appear temporarily in her Co. Cork home. Today, this temporary pop-up window has become a mature enterprise, supporting countless Irish craftsmen, including textile artist Ann Collins. Her seascape prints sell for 49.95 euros.

Founded in 2017 by Paul O'Dwyer and his parents Vera and Seamus, Scratchable Map Ireland is the perfect way to record your favorite accommodations. These maps, hand-painted by Tipperary artist Cian Corcoran, highlight the 62 best tourist attractions in Ireland and outline them in a unique and satisfying way. This year, the team teamed up with hiking enthusiast Roz Purcell to produce a map containing 50 of Ireland's best hiking routes. The Hike Life map is priced at 34.99 euros.

Conor Merriman Illustrator, art director and brand consultant Conor Merriman is one of the country's leading illustrators. His work usually features bold styles of pop culture characters and icons, but at this time of year, we all like his four-pack Christmas cards for 10 euros.

PaperBear.ie was inspired by some simple designs encountered while on vacation in 2013, and Aaron Dowling came up with the idea of ​​making a series of pop-up cards. Soon after, with the help of his partner Katie, Paperbear.ie was born. Considering environmental issues, the duo teamed up with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to combat deforestation. The price of the Dublin Fair City Christmas Card is 4.99 Euros.

AZ and Back Again Kids' Own is a children's art organization and the only publisher of children's books in Ireland. Through a series of local, national and international projects, professional teams connect children with professional artists and publish their creations. This illustrated alphabet book AZ and Back Again is priced at 10 Euros.

Emma Larkin's "The Adventures of Izzy's Magical Camouflage" by Emma Larkin is a rebel of Emma Larkin Books and Kerry Press (Rebel) founder. She recently wrote a series of books about the adventures of Izzy. Izzy is an 8-year-old girl living in Ireland. She loves all sports, especially camogie and Gaelic. Gaelic Football. Her latest book "Izzy's Magical Christmas Adventure" sells for 13 euros.

Dublin fairy tale Irish illustrator and author Nicola Colton (Nicola Colton)’s latest picture book "A Dublin Fairytale" tells the story of a girl named Fiona on a business trip. The result is It has become a wonderful adventure. The story won the Irish Literacy Association Award and was awarded the White Crow Award by the International Youth Library. It can be bought on Designist for 15 Euros.

The wishing chair is curated by Lousie Goodwin at Bundoran, Co. Donegal. The wishing chair shop sells gifts made in Ireland that "represent the history, culture and unique personality of the northwestern region of Ireland". Opened in 2017, the store offers everything from cashmere and baby blankets to chocolate and seaweed products. This Wee Fairy Wish Box is priced at 45 Euros and comes with a children's book "Sunny Road".

Headquartered in Galway, The Wonky Woolins is a small plush toy company dedicated to creating quirky and unique characters for adults and children. The handmade cute creatures are inspired by the very unstable knitted creatures collected by the founder Chloe's grandmother, which have been passed down through her family from generation to generation. Mini Baa Baa sells for 25 Euros.

Emily and Eve sisters Jane (Emily's mother) and Sandra (Eve's mother) paired during the pandemic and produced a series of positive affirmation cards for the children. Both mothers are struggling to cope with the stress of daily life, hoping to focus on the positive side in a fun and magical way, and pass on healthy coping skills to their children. Their colorful children's magazine sells for 16 euros.

ActiVacation Mullingar Ms. Ursula Kane Cafferty designed, designed and produced an exciting family board game that can be played by three to four players or teams. The goal of the game is to arrive at the airport and take a flight home before the blockade, and then take an activity-based vacation on all continents of the world. The game fee is 50 Euros.

HoloToyz was founded by Kate Scott, Declan Fahy and Paul Cosgrave. HoloToyz is a series of children's products realized through augmented reality. Their books, stickers and decals are combined with interesting techniques that children can enjoy in a child-friendly environment. Their temporary tattoos and stickers cost 5.99 Euros.

Fairy Elle When her children were young, Therese made up a story about a fairy named Elle who was able to help the children by sprinkling positive energy at night. A few years later, this magical creature became a reassuring health doll. Whether it is to calm children at night or help eliminate worries, Fairy Elle is a great companion for young children. The doll sells for 32 euros.

Arckit is manufactured in Co. Wicklow and founded by Cavan architect Damien Murtagh. Arckit is a fun way to open the world of architecture to children and parents. Forget about the "cut and glue" model, this game allows you to use the "click and connect" model to create and explore designs. The Go Plus 2.0 Kids Architect Scale Model House Building kit is priced at 59.25 euros (original price 79 euros).

Jiminy Ireland's largest and best eco-professional toy distributor Jiminy was founded by best friends Sharon and Suzanne. These two proud Dublin mothers shoulder the mission of helping parents and teachers find carefree craft supplies for their children. This 100% recycled set of 20 Paw Patrol puzzles is suitable for children 3 years and older and costs 7.99 Euros.

The Kind The Kind is Ireland's newest zero-waste lifestyle store, selling environmentally friendly products that are good for you and the planet. Curated by founder Sheelin Conlon, each piece supports small independent companies and manufacturers at home and abroad. Buy some reusable organic cotton gift packaging for 15 euros.

The goal of Reuzi, a sustainable lifestyle store at Foxrock, is to be as helpful as possible, at a reasonable price and at a minimum, selling everything from recycled cotton yarn hanging baskets to pure wool slippers. The website is run by Brazilian woman Pat Kane and is full of interesting gift ideas. The'Obamerama' Mother's reusable stainless steel bottle sells for 34 euros.

Chou's Cottage Julie and Paul are a French couple who arrived in Ireland in October 2016. They opened their eco-friendly store in Clonmel in 2018. They support 80 young Irish designers and manufacturers, and have a "zero waste corner" where they sell skin care products, tableware, household goods and bulk food. We especially like this hand-made calendar in Co. Clare, which sells for 12 euros.

Little Green Shop The Little Green Shop in Westmeath aims to provide products made from ethical and sustainable materials that will naturally decompose at the end of their life cycle. The website is committed to becoming a one-stop eco-shop in Ireland, offering a series of products suitable for health, beauty, kitchen and home. Their Style Selfology Self Care package costs 38 Euros.

Green Outlook Whether you are zero waste or want to make the first plastic-free exchange, Fiona Smiddy's website will surely meet all your environmental needs. The website offers Irish handmade products, including this seaweed bag from the wild waters of the Connemara Atlantic Ocean, priced at 7.25 Euros.

In addition to buying products, it is important to remember the companies that have been struggling throughout the pandemic during this holiday period, so when it comes to gift giving this year, please try to think outside the box.

Plan ahead and buy a voucher for your favorite local restaurant or spend the weekend in a nice hotel. Be kind to yourself in the process of buying gifts and book outdoor adventures, comedy club nightlife or matinee performances in independent cinemas for you and your loved ones.

If you have a limited budget, you can find many hidden gems in charities, thrift and antique shops such as Saint Vincent de Paul, Oxfam, Enable Ireland, Nine Crows and Needful Things.

If you know someone who is particularly difficult to buy, maybe you can donate to their charity or give up giving gifts together and entertain each other on lunch dates.

No matter what you do, you must have a very happy Christmas.

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