Aaron Neville added points for Kyrsten Sinema's denim vest work | Week

2021-11-24 02:12:23 By : Ms. Sally Yang

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) caused quite a stir on Tuesday, not only because her party was forced to abandon higher taxes on wealthy Americans and companies. This time it was Sinema's less business-casual dress choice when he presided over the Senate.

CLIP: The denim vest presides over the U.S. Senate. pic.twitter.com/4Yx02nOlCg

Criticisms of Sinema's tailored denim jacket range from people who think it is unprofessional or unfashionable to those who think it is another opportunity to criticize Sinema's outrageous policy preferences or mysterious political figures. After all, "This is the most high-profile member of the Senate, and he is currently participating in the highest-risk negotiations on legislation that may affect the country’s future, dressing up for some kind of Scottsdale’s bicycle rally. "Bill Gudi Kunz wrote in the Arizona Republic.

But sometimes the vest is just a vest, which is why singer Aaron Neville's response on Wednesday afternoon was specifically mentioned.

I believe I wear better @BobMehr @SenatorSinema https://t.co/5afXX88BZL

"Does her clothes matter? It doesn't matter at all," Goodykoontz wrote at the end of his long column about Sinema denim vests. "Is any information she sends important? Yes, it is important." He pointed out that people, especially men, commented that women's dress is usually "vulgar", and admitted that "as a person who basically wears a T-shirt and jeans for many years of work People, I am not qualified to criticize anyone else’s sense of fashion.” But, although “if people talk about and report on the media about what the film is really doing, not what she wears, it’s better for everyone,” Gudi Kunz concluded Said, "We are here, sleeveless and speculative."

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