ISPO Textrends Award: Best Products for Fall/Winter 23/24

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The ISPO Textrends Award for the autumn/winter 23/24 season shows: Sustainability is the big topic - also in the future. All the award winners have this megatrend in common. Whether water and energy saving, recycling of waste or innovative new materials: the development in the fashion industry is clear. shows you 11 ISPO Textrends Award winners that convince. 

Alongside the ISPO Award, the Textrends Award is one of the most important awards by ISPO. A jury of experts awards prizes to products in the textile industry that are innovative and show new approaches and are thus groundbreaking for the development of the industry. 

For the first time, the ISPO Textrends Award was organized by Foursource, operating under a license granted by Messe München. Both Foursource and Messe München firmly believe that this strategic partnership will bring the ISPO Textrends Award further forward in an industry where digitalisation is gaining importance -  and great participation with a total of 300 applications from 69 companies is the best proof of the fact.

This season, the jury was particularly impressed by the number of applications heavily focused on sustainability, in every aspect of a product. This means even more creative and innovative engineering, resulting in eco-friendly and sustainable outcomes from the manufacturers’ side.

The jury was unanimous in awarding the Best Products for Fall/Winter 23/24, listed below with full details of the Best Products, TOP 10 and Selection for the season available in the ISPO Textrends Trend Book.

Best Product: FENC® TOPGREEN® BIO3  

Far Eastern New Century (FENC) Composition:

45% Bio3 Polyester (Recycled Waste Gas),  38% Polyamide 6,6 (Solution Dye),  17% Spandex

Jury’s Verdict:  The world’s first fabric made from waste gas reuse technology and N66 solution dye created by FENC. FENC adopts the recycle waste gas polyester and combines its own environmental friendly dyeing technology – Solution Dye, which is to skip water dyeing process and can save water by 61%, save energy consumption by 67% and reduce GHG emissions by 85%, and also have better sunlight and washing fastness than the traditional water dyeing process. FENC cooperates with Lanza Tech to capture CO2 release from steel factories, converting the waste gas into ethylene glycol and polymerizing it into polyester, thereby directly accomplishing CO2 negative and reducing GHG emissions by 30%.

Wujiang Sunfeng Textile CO., LTD Composition: 50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Polyester

Jury’s Verdict: The double helical structure yarns - K9 yarns - make the fabric dry and smooth for an incredible cotton feel as well as a 10% better elasticity. The inclusion of recycled polyester is suitable for sustainable development. With the adaptable bionic technology - Nuskin - the updated sport comfort technology, it gives a good balance of breathability and windproofness and a skin-like matt hand feel.

Best Product: Bio-based Polyamide & Elastane Interlock  

Paradise Textiles ( Alpine Group) Composition: 81% Bio-based Polyamide, 19% Spandex

Jury’s Verdict: A partially bio-based Polyamide interlock legging fabric made from bio-based Polyamide 5.6 and Hyosung Spandex. The partially bio-based Polyamide replaces hexamethylene diamine (HMDA), a material derived from petroleum, with 1,5 pentamethylene diamine (DN5) that is derived from plant sugars. This luxurious fabric has a soft peached face and features algae-based wicking chemistry to assist with drying and thermal regulation. In addition, the fabric is finished with Sanitized’s non-biocidal and metal free OA10 anti-odor technology to ensure the fabric stays fresh and allows consumers to wear more and wash less to reduce their environmental impact.

Best Product: Four-way recycled Polyester stretch

Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd. Composition: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex

Jury’s Verdict: This optical illusion fabric will definitely catch your eyes. Using different types of Polyester to create this two-tone kaleidoscopic color and a special texture design for a natural wrinkles, additional performance include bi-stretch, moisture management, quick dry, recycled and windproof. As for its intriguing appearance, it also shows the environmental awareness. This fabric is made of recycled Polyester and recycled Spandex.

Best Product: Warp knitted fleece

Toread Holdings Group Composition face: 78% Polyamide, 22% Spandex, composition b ack: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

Jury’s Verdict: The fabric surface is a warp-knitted structure with environmentally-friendly C6 additives for waterproofness. The elastic yarn in the fabric is recycled, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The back is brushed, soft and comfortable. The fabric is stiff and skinny, warm, breathable and elastic on all sides, making the athletes feel the warmth and comfort when they do outdoor sports in winter. On top of those characteristics of bi-stretch, breathability and eco-friendly,  it is also waterproof, an interesting aspect to a warp knit fleece.

Best Product: Waterless Color System Technology with 100% Polyurethane membrane hi-vis

Jury’s Verdict: Due to the e.dye® Waterless Color System Technology, this hi-vis 3-layer knit soft shell (20D with high gauge) offers wind protection and waterproof. Designed specifically for cycling and running, compared with traditional water dye hi-vis fabric, the e.dye® hi-vis fabric performs 4 times better on color fastness to sunlight, enhancing the lifespan of the garment.

Singtex Composition: 47% Recycled S.Café® Polyester, 47% Recycled Polyester, 6% Spandex

Jury’s Verdict: STORMEGA, a new patented technology of soft shell and an air layer combination that create a unique single layer woven fabric. With a dense weaving construction for durability and water resistance and 3D hollow layer to capture body heat, it offers lightweight warmth. There is just the right balance between breathability and wind resistance. In this fabric, STORMEGA combined with S.Café® adding waste coffee ground into the yarn to achieve odor control.

Tiong Liong Corporation Composition: 100% recycled Polyester

Jury’s Verdict: This composite foam package combines CORDURA®AFT and ARIAPRENE® TERRA makes the material incredibly tough and weightless. The concept is sustainable with a trendy look. CORDURA®AFT mesh is made by recycled PET while ARIAPRENE® TERRA is upcycled from mill waste. Abrasion resistant and soft to touch, the mesh structure teamed with a camouflage print injects a new element of creativity. Abrasion resistant and tear proof, the durability of this material ensures a longer life to soft equipment.

Best Product: Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR

Young-one Composition: 35% Sorona® (Homo PTT), 55% Recycled Polyester, 10% Polyester

Jury’s Verdict: A synthetic, vertically lapped insulation that combines the warmth-to-weight of down with breathability that is defining a new category of padding and garment design options. Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR features more recycled and renewable content  with improved vapor management while maintaining warmth and compressibility. Incredibly soft,  EcoLoft™ ActiVe allows sweat to move away from the body to maintain a best in class next-to-skin microclimate. The unique wavy construction of bio-based Sorona® and REPREVE® recycled fibers creates a flexible form, giving the padding a resilient loft as well as resistance to heat loss — when wet or dry.

Best Product: Printed Zipper with Dream Coating Series

TH Zipper Zipper type: coil, plastic, metal

Jury’s Verdict: The Dream Coating color changes when applied on black and white fabric to show the special effect of kaleidoscope color, causing a dreamy effect. No color printing is required to achieve the shiny and colorful design. It provides water-repellent feature as well. This series is mix and match friendly to enable a wide range of applications by a variety of aesthetic pattern, logo and gradation zipper design. Customization is available to create an exclusive design. Coating colors available: Gold Sand, Mercury, Oceanic and Lava Red.

Best Product: Recycled paper transfers

UAB Heat Transfers Company Composition: 75% Water-based inks, 20% Recycled paper, 5% Additives for water-based inks

Jury’s Verdict: A new generation of transfers made from recycled paper. This type of transfer uses only recycled paper that was previously used as a disposable cup of coffee. In cooperation with the Ukrainian company 7Gram, used coffee cups are collected from Starbucks cafes, later recycled and used as a raw material for transfers. Even 5 to 40% recycled paper is used in one transfer, depending on the design chosen. Recycled paper transfers are elastic and pleasant to touch. It also stuck firmly to the fabric even after 25 wash cycles. This is because paper fibers are “locked” in transfers. Easily produce 3D transfers up to 1000 microns or even more. The production also uses up to 30% less ink than regular 3D transfer production.

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