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2021-11-24 02:10:08 By : Ms. Jane Wang

If you have worked at home for countless months, it is difficult to tell what "professional clothing" is. You have Zoom pants under your desk, your Google Hangouts hoodie, and of course your camera off sweater, for voice-only meetings. But as the office begins to reopen, you need to make some clothing upgrades (or you may still work from home but want to take things to the next level.)

You are not willing to go back to restrictive pants or things that require dry cleaning, but you are willing to accept something more tailored. Maybe there are no armpits or coffee stains. Essentially, you are looking for high-end sweatshirts for the office, which can be worn or worn without screaming, "These are pajamas."

The key to disguising home clothes as work clothes is to increase the structure as much as possible. Although your favorite pajama sweatshirt has been carefully worn and untied at the seams, you want the sweatshirt you wear at work to look fresh and neat. Think of thick fabric jogging pants or stretch pants, or round neck pullovers raised with boxy cuts or eye-catching sleeves.

In addition to styling, you can also disguise sportswear as business casual wear through colors and small details. Choosing darker tones and neutral colors will give your sweat a formal feel, while extra things like piping or elbow patches will make your outfit feel more intentional, less, "I'm wearing the clothes I slept in ."

If you want to buy sports equipment suitable for work, we have summarized some interesting options below.

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