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2021-11-24 02:11:35 By : Ms. Chen Yu

We check kits from one of the latest and most affordable ultimate clothing companies.

Ultiworld was compensated for this review by Project 1 Sports. Opinions only represent the opinions of reviewers. In addition, Project 1 CEO Zakk Mabrey is a contributor to Ultiworld.

Olivia Alongi: Zakk Mabrey, the creator of Project 1, founded a new company to produce team jerseys. They personalize each team's products by adding custom quotes and colors at affordable prices. They also provide sponsorship as much as possible and reduce the cost of jersey orders as much as possible.

Zakk is very cool and sent two live demo kits to Dhara and me, including a sun hoodie, shorts and a sweatshirt. We are happy to introduce to you our experience of wearing and exercising in the equipment.

Dhara Patel: Five years of the ultimate game means I have a lot of jerseys. Like it, a lot. By buying new jerseys and trading jerseys every season, I have the opportunity to experiment with many different jersey manufacturers-Spin, BE, Five and Patagonia, to name a few. These companies have always dominated the field of ultimate clothing, but their kits can become very expensive, especially considering complex designs or complete sublimation. Project 1 emphasizes providing quality clothing to the team at affordable prices, which makes me very excited to test this new equipment.

Olivia: As a fringe hoarder of sports equipment, I am always happy to try some new clothes! Growing up, I participated in many different sports, and I learned early on that I feel most comfortable wearing loose-fitting equipment. When I opened my package and glanced at these shorts secretly, I kind of wanted to start, so let's start with them.

Dhara: First of all, I like this material. When it comes to sportswear, one of my biggest worries is that the clothes are too thick, but Project 1 does a good job of ensuring that the shorts are light, breathable and breathable. I took these shorts out when I was running, and found that they never got together or moved. In regular Pittsburgh fashion, I started to rain while running, but the material of the shorts was thick enough to absorb moisture and keep it dry and warm.

I am also a big fan of adjustable belts. Although the shorts fit my waist very well, the ability to adjust the waist makes these shorts more suitable for different body types and provides a comfortable fit for everyone. Likewise, I always like to roll up my shorts, and the elastic waistband makes this so easy while maintaining a clean look.

My only doubt about these shorts is the length. I ordered a small size and found that the shorts hit an embarrassing place on my leg: not long enough to be directly above the knee, but not short enough to be the length of a typical football short. Personally, I want the company to adopt an adjustable length, and customers can choose to remove or add inches on their pants and shorts. In the opinion of my semi-expert, integrating this feature will make these shorts perfect.

Olivia: I like this blue very much. Huge, actually. The color is neutral enough to match with many other outfits. I ordered a medium size and they suit me very well, especially because I like my shorts to fall just above my knees. For reference, I am 5'1" (okay, 5', but my license says 5'1").

The shorts are light and the material is good, at least my sister told me so. (She studied at LIM, a fashion school, so I believe her.) They also allowed me to run freely without being bound. I always wear compression shorts under all my shorts, but these shorts don't have much demand for them.

For friends who like to roll up shorts, these are also suitable for you. They are adjustable, and there are ropes to help them fit. (Small observation: If you look closely, you can see the seam lines, but I am indifferent to it.) Also, I have washed many times and they look the same as the day I opened them. Two thumbs up, I want to order more colors.

Olivia: A duck, a rubber duck... I am easily attracted by the design on the front of the jersey. There is a clear, moderately sized number on the back, and there is space for the name of the team or player.

I also ordered a medium-sized sweater, and again, I like its fit. The quality of the printed matter is durable-I can add! I can wear a sweatshirt or other long-sleeved jacket under the jersey. We all know how wonderful the weather around the Ultimate Edition is — as always moody and changing every game — so it’s great to be able to throw things under the jersey. This is especially annoying when you feel cold and there is nothing to put under and you cannot put things on it.

As mentioned in the previous section, I am a roller for shorts and shirt sleeves. This may or may not be my weird result, but this is a way of life. When I rolled up my sleeves, I noticed that the lining of the shirt was different from the black outer layer of the jersey. The same goes for VC's brand jerseys. What's the big deal? Not for me, but if you want to know what it is, then you know it.

Dhara: The design of this jersey is excellent. I received a Missouri Bearly Lethal jersey. The design sublimation on the jersey is impeccable. The image is still vivid enough to highlight the details, and no aspect is lost in the transition from the concept itself to the final jersey. My problem with the jersey is the material.

When I put on the jersey for the first time, I admired how thin and flexible it looked. I also like to fit: I often find that many short-sleeved jerseys I buy or receive extend to my elbow, but this jersey is still in the short-sleeved mid-arm area. However, when I started working out, I could feel the static buildup in the jersey. The jersey seems to be close to my body, not light and elegant. This is my main doubt about the jersey, because during the whole exercise, I found myself pulling the jersey away from my body several times.

Like Olivia, the strange smell on my body keeps me rolling up my sleeves, and so does my jersey. The color underneath is different from the color of the jersey. However, I am actually a fan of this; when you roll up your sleeves, it will end up with a nice contrasting pop color that can highlight the main color of the jersey itself.

Dhara: The sun hoodie is easily my favorite part of this product review. I received an off-white sun hoodie with a red and black Project 1 logo on the front. First of all, its design is very simple.

As a Chicago native who moved to the East Coast, cold is not new to me. As summer turns into autumn, I find that the sun hoodie is the perfect item to wear when going in and out of the gym and warming up. It does a good job of ventilation and breathability, while still providing more warmth than traditional short-sleeved sweaters.

I ordered a small one again and found that the sun hoodie was oversized on my frame, but as a fan of oversized hoodies, I found it to be perfect. For reference, I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and slim, with the hoodie just below my waist. I stopped for half a minute because the sleeves were indeed a bit longer, but in retrospect, XS might be more suitable for my body, so I put -0.5 points with a grain of salt. Except for the slightly longer sleeves, I have no complaints about this sun hoodie. I like its design, feel, fit and comfort, and will definitely wear it as much as possible.

Olivia: Silky smooth sun hoodie. Yes. My medium size is the perfect warm-up hoodie. I just got a real life job. But when I don't spend all of my time on the train to and from New York, I occasionally go to the gym. Warming up is one of the most important parts of my game, because I am one of those people who are prone to injury. When I started shooting on the basketball court wearing this hoodie, I felt good.

This may be a huge shock, but because I am 5 feet, my arms and legs are not long, so my hands do disappear in my sleeves. If this bothers you, I suggest you reduce the size, otherwise, it is very suitable for interesting people like me. The design is neat, but it also has a lot to do, which is a bit too much for my taste. Less is more, I like plain jerseys. But who doesn't like maroon, right? It also has a pocket. This particular hoodie is not my favorite, but I will buy different designs because of the feel and fit.

Olivia: All in all, P1 has some real major ultimate equipment. Their standard equipment is two jerseys (one white and one black) and shorts. Otherwise, the clothing sold separately looks like this: shorts for $20, short sleeves for $22, long sleeves for $24, and sun hoodies for $25. The quality you get with this equipment, the price is cheap.

When asked about the size I chose for this review, I answered the medium size, but then made it clear that if I could receive a smaller "men's" size, I would like it better because I am very comfortable. . Whenever I order a medium size in "Women's", I often feel dissatisfied because the fit is always not fit and flexible. You can't cheer up from a layout instead of rolling up the entire shirt into a ball. This is something that makes me feel uncomfortable with a shirt that is too tight. I am very satisfied with the medium P1 sent to me, in fact I think the medium fit should be like this.

This is my eighth year of using Ultimate Skills, and I can say with certainty that this is the lowest cost kit I have ever encountered. For other major ultimate clothing suppliers, just a jersey is $54. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but I’ll say it hurt my wallet after three college seasons. Comparing the P1 jersey with its more expensive jersey, there is no obvious difference. Higher-priced jerseys may be smoother and brighter, but ultimately have the same overall appearance as the P1 jersey. In addition, although the black of the other jersey is pure black, the black of P1 is almost red.

I have a favorite shorts company, but I have to say that I now have a new number one. P1 shorts are a completely different material from my previous favorite. It has become my first choice for hanging out, because P1 is now my daily workout shorts. In terms of context, I only wear shorts and a beanie at home regardless of the season. I am a sports journalist and I did not minor in fashion, but I have learned what I like to sweat.

Dhara: In general, if I were to lead a team, I would definitely consider investing in the Project 1 kit. Affordable price and comfort give Project 1 an advantage over the competition.

My only doubt about P1 is the jersey material. I personally prefer thick materials because the relative thickness of these sweatshirts prevents it from sticking to your body. In any case, P1 poses a real threat to the top jersey manufacturers currently at the forefront of the ultimate clothing field. In Olivia and my reviews of these kits, only minor issues were found, and these issues become more negligible when you consider affordability.

However, one thing I suggest is to reduce the size of the jersey and sun hoodie, because both Olivia and I encountered a small problem with sleeve length.

Dhara Patel is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, studying neuroscience and English. She started her ultimate career at Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Illinois, and currently plays for the University of Pittsburgh Dangerous Campus. Outside of Ultimate, she enjoys hiking, photography, and writing.

Olivia Alongi is a Temple alumnus and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism. She works as a press assistant at CBS Sports, studying college basketball and the NFL. She started playing the ultimate game in high school and has been doing this for the past 8 years. Throwing hammers at unwise times is her specialty. In her spare time, she created upgraded art with soda/beer cans and bottle caps, check out @Caps.By.Liv, she sometimes tweeted @AlongiSports!

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